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Williams Fresh Cafe

10909 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON
Williams Fresh Cafe logo
Every Williams is a meeting place that is great for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Dessert. We recognize that your group can?t always make to us so we've taken some of our best menu items and made them available for your catering convenience.  

Whether you are having a morning meeting, a working lunch or friends over for an afternoon snack - let us cater to your needs.
Treeline Events Catering logo
Treeline Events specializes in combining a setting, entertainment, and a quality meal for the masses with an efficiency that completely surprises most of our clients. Let us take the stress of organizing a huge event from your shoulders - be a guest at your own event!

Corporate Events
Good business thrives on good relationships. And good relationships mean treating your clients and guests to the best, whatever the occasion. No one understands this better than Treeline Events Catering. We've been helping corporations build meaningful relationships for years.

We know you dream of an extraordinary wedding day. It's our job, and our pleasure, to help make that dream come true. Whether your menu is a sparkling presentation of a family favorite, or an elegant and exotic rendition, our astonishingly beautiful and custom-designed menus will beguile your guests.
Encore Catering Food with Elegance logo
The art of food and entertaining is our passion. Established in 1979, Encore provides you with over twenty-five years of culinary expertise and a passion for excellence. 

We believe a successful event goes beyond serving culinary delights. It requires ingenuity, creativity, and services that address the needs of your unique event. Customized menu, venue selection, theme and décor conceptualization, rentals, staffing, and entertainment are just a few of the details and services that we can arrange. If you have a concept in mind, Encore will bring it to life.

Decadent Catering

90 Northline Rd. Unit 10, Toronto, ON
Decadent Catering logo
Let Decadent help you plan your next breakfast meeting, boardroom lunch or cocktail party!

Browse our pre-planned, winning menus, or let us help you design a personalized menu perfect for any occasion. We strive to source our ingredients locally, and from only the top suppliers, with an emphasis on sustainable and seasonal ingredients, so you know that you are always getting the very best.
We are a Catering & Event Planning company operating three locations across Canada. The locations are Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa and Halifax.
We are the industry's One-stop Shop for all of your event planning needs. Why work with several vendors, when one call can satisfy all of your needs.

iCater Toronto

iCater Toronto 3230 Yonge St #3011, Toronto, ON M4N 3P6 T: 416 913 2288 TOLL: 416-913-2288, Toronto, ON
DELICIOUS full service Toronto catering, reasonable prices & extreme attention to detail. Morning, noon or night, we cater to you. Visit our website for menus & pricing!
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